Our Core Aims

We aim to bring back that supporting ‘bridge’ between the great people and organisations out there and the deepest corners of our society that seem to get left behind.

Everything about what we aim to achieve is community based, but led by the fact that a great proportion of society needs help.
It goes without saying but, a large proportion of people in that bracket actually do want to better their lives, and with a little help and support, will better their lives.

Building a Youth Support Network

A place for our youth to get support and help finding their way in life. Support with making the decisions that shape their lives. Help with sourcing employment, training or education. Support with bettering interview and social skills. A support centre offering an alternative to what is out there at the moment – because whatever it is that’s out there, is clearly not working! The idea is for the service to be intervention led, hopefully meaning the service will be directed to those that need it most. We are approaching all of the relevant organisations and inspiring people out there in society to come together to form a common goal. We are approaching all local schools and establishments to make them aware of the service and the ‘Nomination’ aspect – giving individuals the platform to nominate themselves or others to receive help and/or support. Our youths need a support system that isn’t social media! The Youth Support Network will constantly and consistently work inspiring people to get them on board with the wholesome benefits of inspiring our youth to strive for better.

Building a Community Support Network

A central hub similar to the Youth Support Network, but different because the needs are different, because the organisations and people out there to support adults or the elderly are different. The aim is, again, to support in any way we can, financial, emotional, physical and/or mental health. The service is a follow on from the Youth Support Network because decades of increasing needs in social care and a decreasing of funds available for such services has left us with thousands of adults out there that needed support as youths, but never received it. We aim to build a Community Support Network not only for those that need the help and support most but for everyone in the community to benefit from.

We aim to form a Recruitment Agency from the people that get involved with the Foundation, with further scope to form a Courier Service when the numbers permit.

Building a Community Hub

To build a hub to engage with the community on community led and based projects. Again, this is a follow on service from the two Support Network services, building back up the disconnections throughout society. The Community Hub will be linked with every organisation and/or person or place that is out there to support, giving a common ground for people to source the support with finding the help that they need. We aim for the hub to bring communities together to engage on all things community, bringing together trustees, members, organisations and the wider public to discuss all community matters and to connect all the relevant services with the people or places that need them.

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